City Edge Finance, Cairns QLD Australia

We all know the world is a changing place and the finance world is no exception.  Every week in our jobs as Mortgage Brokers there are many new product releases, special interest rates and fee reductions offered by Banks in order to attract new clients.

These new loan products can often mean substantial savings to the home loan customer.

All the different home loans on offer can be confusing.  Do I lock into a fixed rate?  Do I need a Line of Credit?  What is a Mortgage Offset?  Will the Bank charge me an early repayment penalty?  These and many more questions come to mind.  Our job is to help you through all your choices to select the best loan product to suit your individual needs.

To assist us with this important task we have two allies.  Firstly, 30 years combined with a major Bank and 20 years combined as Finance Brokers ensures we have the knowledge and experience.  Secondly, the support of the latest computer software with up to date interest rates, fees etc. 

So if you are looking for the cheapest loan product to suit your needs or wish to explore your options to save money on refinancing, give us a call.  We can visit you at your home or you can call in at our convenient office situation on Collins Ave, in the 5 ways at Edge Hill.

To make an appointment or to discuss any further information please call our office on 0740324999, or call Paula on 0417 772 592 or Martin on 0413 916 999